Using step definition code from Given and When contexts

Have you ever wanted to use a single step definition like I create file '(.*)' from Given and When contexts in a feature file like this?

Scenario: CreateFile
    When I create file 'hello.txt'
    Then ...

Scenario DeleteFile
    Given I create  file 'hello.txt'
    When I delete 'hello.txt'

Here’s how to have 1 method that implements both the Given and the When I create file '...'

Create a class like this:

public class GivenWhenAttribute : StepDefinitionBaseAttribute
readonly static StepDefinitionType[] types = new[] { StepDefinitionType.Given, StepDefinitionType.When };
public GivenWhen() : this(null)  {  }
public GivenWhen(string regex) : base(regex, types ) { }
public GivenWhen(string regex, string culture) : this(regex) { Culture = culture; }

Use it in in the [Binding] classes like this:

[GivenWhen("I create file '(.*)'")]
public void CreateFile(String Name) { File.Create(Name); }