Setting the language for your .feature files

The syntax of the .feature files is meant to be readable by your users, so of course its logical that we should be able to create .feature files in many different languages.

How to set the language to use

Setting the language for all .feature files

If you want to set the language for all .feature files, then you can specify this in the App.config:

    <language feature="nl-NL" />

Setting the language per .feature file

If you want set the language for a single .feature file then you can use a comment in the header of your feature file:

#language: nl-NL
Functionaliteit: Optellen van getallen

How to find the syntax for your language

Now that you’ve set your desired language, you can start creating .feature files using the keywords in your user’s language. How do we find out what these keyword are? Take a look at the Gherkin i18n file and you’ll be able to figure it out.

"lv": {
"name": "Latvian",
"native": "latviešu",
"feature": "Funkcionalitāte|Fīča",
"background": "Konteksts|Situācija",
"scenario": "Scenārijs",
"scenario_outline": "Scenārijs pēc parauga",
"examples": "Piemēri|Paraugs",
"given": "*|Kad",
"when": "*|Ja",
"then": "*|Tad",
"and": "*|Un",
"but": "*|Bet"
"nl": {
"name": "Dutch",
"native": "Nederlands",
"feature": "Functionaliteit",
"background": "Achtergrond",
"scenario": "Scenario",
"scenario_outline": "Abstract Scenario",
"examples": "Voorbeelden",
"given": "*|Gegeven|Stel",
"when": "*|Als",
"then": "*|Dan",
"and": "*|En",
"but": "*|Maar"