Loadtest summary shows many URLs for a single page

When you are running a load test against an MVC page you will see an enormous amount of different URLs reported. That’s because dynamic parameters such as IDs are frequently included in the URL of the page that is being accessed.

For example, here is an URL that will update an invoice whose ID is 129101 https://my-system.local/invoice/update/129101?SPHostUrl=..... If we update 5 different invoices, the load test summary will report 5 different URLS. That’s not useful at all.

The solution is to open the .webtest that sends the GET/POST requests and set the “Reporting Name” property. All the calls to that action will then be reported as one URL.There’s no need to have a different “Reporting Name” for the GET and POST requests to this URL, the load test summary will automatically report 2 separate summary lines for the URL.